Our Investment Process

We start with your needs. We want to inspire conversation and deliberation to better understand your needs, goals, and concerns you have about the future. As we listen, gather and interpret information, our team then makes thoughtful recommendations to address your unique circumstances and priorities in the building of your portfolio strategies.

Just as the markets are dynamic, so are life's circumstances. We continually work with you to keep your portfolio relevant and effective.

"Mirae Asset challenges itself to pursue innovation in all areas of business. Our success began with imagination, and has become a long-standing reality established upon unfaltering dedication."

Hyeon Joo Park
Global Investment Strategy Officer at Mirae Asset

Investment Policy Statement:
Our advisors develop investment policies that are appropriate for the needs and circumstances of our individual clients, taking into consideration their investment objectives, risk tolerance, tax criteria and cash flow needs.

Global Asset Allocation:
Sophisticated techniques are employed to determine an optimum asset allocation mix to achieve the client's investment objectives.

Manager Recommendations:
Finding the best money managers in each asset class requires significant effort and focus. Our team is dedicated to identifying best-of-breed managers consistent with our emphasis on protecting and building capital. We also leverage Mirae Asset Securities Asset Allocation Center's global network and resources to find managers that meet or exceed our performance and qualitative criteria.

Ongoing Manager Monitoring and Performance Analysis:
The investment process does not stop after creating and implementing an investment strategy. As circumstances change, periodic review of client objectives as well as monitoring manager selection is critical to the long-term success of the investment plan.

Investment Process

Local Resources with Global Capabilities
Mirae Asset Wealth Management (USA) Inc. leverages our global network and resources to gain insight on market dynamics and global investment opportunities. Our local team partners with the Asset Allocation Center of Mirae Asset Securities, responsible for developing strategic asset allocation, to create investment portfolios suitable for our clients.

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